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TOPAX™ Management is the center of your business. This is a modern version of the traditional “front office” and “back office” modules, introducing many new programs and features, giving you more benefits and valuable advantages.

TOPAXT Management is a comprehensive system, covering all aspects of the inbound and outbound tour operating business. It provides the full range of functions necessary for efficient, high-quality, and profitable operations, from product planning through sales activities and accounting, to post-sale analysis.

TOPAXT Management is made up of two fully integrated, activity centers:

  • an extensive operational system with full Planning, Pricing, Costing, Quotations & Sales functionality.
  • a set of Management & Control tools for Commercial, Operational & Accounting activities, Smart Analysis & Dynamic Reporting.

TOPAXT Management combines the power of a fully controlled operational solution with the flexibility of a dynamic open system, based on a strong database and user defined tables and parameters.

With user convenience in mind, TOPAXT Management provides a friendly work environment through the use of Windows-type screens. Changes and modifications can easily be entered into the system and are immediately reflected in all relevant records. Help screens guide users through system functions, making the learning stage quick and easy, turning even the newest employee into a travel expert.

Building Products & Packages

TOPAXT Management handles all types of travel products, on FIT, Group or Incentive basis. The products include Flights (schedule & charter), Hotels, Car Rental, Bus Services, Cruises, Sightseeing tours, Transfers, All-inclusive package tours, Insurance and any other Travel Service. The system is flexible enough to add new types of services at any time.

A unique module enables the creation of any combined package or tour arrangement, based on the individual service components. This may include pre-defined packages, pre-arranged packages with options, or custom-tailored packages. Packages can be defined in a repetitive cycle to cover an entire season.

Extensive information on each product can be handled with full descriptions, pictures and on-line brochures.


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Pricing & Quotations

TOPAXT Management provides extensive pricing, costing and quotation generation capabilities. Multiple price lists can be created and maintained for various purposes. Different price lists can be created for different markets, in different currencies and built for specific customers. Special deals can be quickly developed and presented for local and Internet use. TOPAXT Management can automatically calculate different levels of taxes and commissions. Standard service costs for particular services or packages can also be calculated for planning and evaluation purposes.

Tariffs for land services are defined separately for each product category. Rates can be entered for any parameter, including BB, HB, FB, pool view, new wing, special conditions, adults, children and infants, in accordance with each hotel's particular pricing methods, in line with supplier agreements. Tariffs may be defined per season, allowing for different prices for specific dates such as promotional weekends.

Airfares are defined per flight route, for specific periods, in any relevant currency and they include: the type of a trip (Return, One Way, Open Jaw), type of passengers and restrictions related to minimum and maximum days.

Comparative price lists can be produced so that different prices for the same services can easily be compared. Global price updates can be applied to all or selected services for any specified period.

The Quotation Facility is designed to generate proposals (a la carte for requested services, on a per-person or per-group basis or other criteria, for FITs or groups. This facility calculates standard service costs and profits. Alternative quotations can be generated showing different prices.
Quotations are transformed into active PNRs on booking approval. It is possible to issue an unlimited number of quotations for each trip and to dynamically include any number of passengers.


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Inventory Control & Allotment

TOPAXT Management provides inventory control capabilities for each type and class/category of service, to obtain optimal utilization of service capacity and maximization of revenue. Knowing the real-time status of each service assists controllers in improving profitability by making the best use of services and adjustments in accordance with market fluctuations.
Various inventory-handling methods, or their combination, are available:

Allotments: Space can be allocated, and allotments can be specified per service, per service category and per period, in accordance with relevant restrictions such as minimum/maximum stay and release date. Sub-allotments can be allocated to different users of the system. Priorities can be defined, as well as any room type, step release process or other options.
Commitment: Used when the client commits for the allotment at his/her risk.
Sell & Report: Can be used when no allotments are specified, in which case the system allows for free sale within the limits of pre-defined rules.
Sell on Request: Used when no allotments are specified, but sales are only permitted subject to confirmation.
Various control warnings are available to suit each operator's needs

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Reservations & PNR

TOPAXT Management is an interactive application with on-line record update capabilities that can handle any individual or group reservations and modifications. All reservations are performed from a single screen (a Trip-Centric PNR). Each PNR/DOCKET contains a complete list of booked services, names, phone contact details, vouchers, accounting, and ticketing information. Non-homogenous PNRs can be created for parties with split itineraries. The system automatically prices the entire PNR, calculates the applicable taxes, applies commissions and standard costs, and analyzes the profitability of the sale transaction. Pro-forma invoices, final invoices, itineraries and all necessary documents can be printed in several languages using a multilingual form generator.

Complete transaction history records are maintained and numerous retrieval options are provided for locating PNRs quickly, by name, PNR locator, booked services, traveling dates or other parameters.
Smart queuing facilities are built into the system to support the operators in their work. Queues can be opened automatically or manually, and can be concurrently retained in the system.


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Accounting Facilities

TOPAXT Management accounting facilities are designed to handle operational accounts Receivable and Payable, set up commission levels, update exchange rates, balance PNR accounts and generate accounting reports. TOPAXT Management can automatically trigger invoicing, monitor agency billing and control payment collection. This allows for accurate tracking of customers' outstanding balances and revenues and profits from sales activities. Advance deposits and cash payments are automatically credited to the customer account. Customer statements of account show current and outstanding balances and aging information. Accounting facilities enable the analysis of the proposed products' potential profitability.
Based on the above, actual income can be compared to the standard costs used for planning.

TOPAXT Management can create and transfer journal transactions to external general ledger and accounting systems.


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Management & Reports

TOPAXT Management provides numerous operational and management reports, as well as statistics to support all vital aspects of the tour operating business. Tour operators can either use standard reports supplied with the system, or create their own reports via a powerful, highly flexible report generator. Reports can be customized for particular requirements, by setting a series of parameters for population selection and sorting. The user can choose either 'detailed' reports for daily operations, or 'statistical' reports for management usage. The report layout can be edited as desired. Sales reports can be designed to retrieve financial information such as sales totals, agency commissions and net income. Graphical presentation of dynamic counters provides visual indication of changes and developments of the monitored data.

TOPAXT Management provides numerous statistical analysis reports, such as:

  • Land service statistics reports provide analysis of space occupancy by service type, or city.
  • Flight statistics reports show occupancy by classes, in order to analyze the profitability of running flights in certain periods of the year.
  • Sales statistics reports provide valuable information for decision-makers concerning travel agencies, and forecasting potential sales and revenues.
  • Monthly and periodic reports on agency performance by selected parameters.
  • Staff performance and production analysis.

TOPAXT Management’s operational reports provide the information and the various lists needed for the daily running of tour operating activities.

For a detailed demonstration of TOPAXT Management please contact your nearest representative. click here to visit our demo site.

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