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The Matrix Travel Solutions outbound tour operators software is your solution to making your website into a 24-hour-a-day selling tool!

Our TOPAXT Management software is particularly effective for outbound tour operators, which are tour operators who sell travel packages to travelers who live near the base of the tour operator operations. In addition, our outbound tour operators software works for these kinds of tour operators:

• Inbound tour operators who are based in a location and provide travel packages to travelers visiting that location

• Cross bound tour operators who sell packages to a variety of locations to travelers located anywhere

Often, outbound tour operators are faced with the issue of communicating with their vendors and suppliers on a 24-hour basis, particularly when arranging for packages around the globe. This scenario is a common one: A corporate client wants to plan a combination business and tourism excursion for a six-member sales team in Orlando, Florida. Afterwards, some of the team will travel to New York, while others will go on to Mexico. But you are located in Hong Kong – requiring many telephone calls and e-mail confirmations across time zones. Not an efficient way to do business!

You need outbound tour operators software that can enable you to do these tasks with efficiency and speed. Our TOPAXT Management software will cut the cost of each service such as:

• Coordinating and administrating local arrangements and services, or subcontracting these services to other tour operators
• Booking accommodation, flights and ground transportation
• Helping with itinerary planning
• Checking for meet and greet services
• Scheduling local tours
• Providing local guides

Instead, with global online access to your system, your suppliers can provide the data you need. Create new distribution channels by expanding your network of suppliers – wherever they are located on the planet. You can open your system to your customers to make automated transactions anytime they want – eliminating the manpower hours required to call, fax and email your customers and then wait for a reply.

TOPAX has a “smart pricing engine” that will proactively create price and deal lists and then post it on your web site automatically. Consider the alternative that many tour operators must do: laboriously change the web site by entering in the information every time a new package deal is created.

TOPAXT Management outbound tour operators software will eliminate that need for double-entry. By integrating with back office functions, you will not need to double enter data into your accounting and reporting functions. Enjoy the time-savings and reduction in errors!

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