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Topax Management B2B (Business to Business) Site

The TOPAX™ Management solution is more than just an On Line Booking Software – it’s the ultimate way to integrate your online operations with every part of your office functions.
Eliminate the hassles associated with On Line Booking Software such as:

  • No connection with back office functions, such as accounting and reports.
  • No connection with your front office functions, including package listings and new products.
  • Lack of secure, automated transactions that protects valuable financial data from cyber criminals.
  • Inability to communicate with your suppliers in order to receive real-time information on new prices and products.
  • Updating the Web site is time-consuming.
    TOPAX™ Management will solve these issues with its fully integrated online B2B Site.

Take your business to the next level through technology tailored to be utilized by any corporation regardless of size.
With the TOPAX B2B Site, you will enjoy real-time features that will enhance the efficiency of your operations – and gain the loyalty of your clients.

Your customers and suppliers can use your website to check on new prices, products and offerings and book/order any of your services easily and efficiently.

You can easily generate quotes, prices lists and cost estimates with the TOPAX B2B Site.

Because of Matrix Travel Solutions’ extensive experience with the travel industry, we understand how complicated and time-consuming it can be to set up and update price and package lists and maintain and update multiple databases. With our solution, you can create multiple price lists that vary according to agency location, currency, and other variables. Then, generate multiple quotations, using your price lists.
Once your clients approve a quotation, then the quote is converted into a standard PNR in TOPAX, eliminating the need for duplicate and/or manual data entry and updates.

With the built-in security, your customers can make automated orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Processing the orders is painless, and will not require double-entry operations, since the web site is fully integrated with front-office and back-office operations.

Click here to take the TOPAX B2B Site for a test drive.

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