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Take your tour operator business to a whole new level with the Formula Travel Solution (FTS) tour operator system.

But first. ask yourself a few things before making an investment in this technology. After all, an investment in Tour Operator System is a major undertaking - requiring you to invest in your time and money. And don't forget about the training and implementation period, when you and your employees will need to be trained in operating a new tour operator system.

Consider these broad issues when you launch your search for a new Tour Operator System:

  • The software firm's Industry Experience: Does the tour operator system address the unique needs for your industry? Beware of generic off-the-shelf travel Agencies software/management systems for the travel industry - but not for tour operators!
  • Breadth of Functionality: Does this solution provide the functionality I need to run my organization efficiently and effectively? Ask lots of questions about what features are integrated in the system that you will absolutely need - and what features will have to be added on later, at an additional cost to you.
  • Platform: Look for a tour operator system that is developed on a platform that is scalable and can easily integrate with your other applications.
  • Will it enable me to easily access and analyze the information? Look at the interface to decide if you can easily understand the data. There is nothing more annoying than a poorly designed user interface that is confusing to read and understand.
  • Multi-site and International Capabilities Considerations: Can the solution support all of my locations with their unique legal, tax, compliance, language and currency issues?
  • What does the support involve? Beware of systems that simply provide you with a manual and an e-mail address to correspond with a technician! Make sure that you will receive close support during the challenging transition period as your staff learns to operate the new tour operator system.

In the past, small tour operator businesses could not find software that could meet all of those requirements. They did not have the budgets to buy the expensive hardware and software, much less pay for an IT department to support your staff.

Our system enables your staff to:

  • Quickly and efficiently improve operations
  • Manage allotments
  • Expand product offering
  • Add pricing models
  • Generate more bookings

In a nutshell, you are freed by the FTS Tour Operator System to do what you do best: provide the best, most valuable tours with efficiency and speed! 

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