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Bring your business to the Internet - and make your web site a 24-hour selling tool with TOPAX Management - Formula Travel Solutions Tour Operator Software.

Of course, most tour operators have web sites - and some even take orders over the Internet. But is it really the most efficient of operations? Here are some common scenarios for Tour Operator Software systems that do not meet your needs:

  • Your website can receive orders, but the orders cannot be processed until your employees receive the orders during working hours - and then they must call back and confirm the order and take the credit card information.
  • Your web site cannot display real-time availability and prices. Instead, you must post prices for packages, and remember to update your web site accordingly - a time-consuming process.
  • You can handle automated orders - but your back office tour operator software is not connected to the software that handles Web orders. Instead, your employees must enter in the data by hand to your accounting or package databases.

TOPAX Management is the perfect solution for ensuring that your Tour Operator Software is completely web-enabled.

Your customers can check availability of packages and instantly book packages on your web sites, 24 hours a day.

The TOPAX Management tour operator software system provides built-in security featurs. That means your system and customers are secure and can safely perform credit card transactions over the web.

You can safely offer automated transactions to your customers and suppliers. Relieve the workload on your staff by allowing your customers and suppliers to self-serve themselves.

Updates of prices and available packages will not have to wait until you laboriously post the information on your website. Update your customers with the latest new products, special offers and price changes immediately. Enter these changes and updates from within TOPAX and the results will immediately be reflected and displayed on your web site.

Because the technology is completely integrated, your web transactions are linked in with the "back office" processes.

The TOPAX B2B is more than just a Tour Operator Software . It allows you to open up a distribution channel on the Web. Give your customers real-time reservation services, combined with automated confirmation and documentation features. Let them instantly book hotels, flights, car rental and other transportation, tours and packages. Gain their loyalty, while cutting your over all and per transaction costs! 

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