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Software for Tour Operators

Finding the right software system for your unique tour operator business is not easy
- particularly if you are looking for one complete Software For Tour Operators system.

After all, you are combining "back office" with "front office" and with on-line reservation activities. And if you offer unique services and packages that require a certain amount of flexibility, then you might be forced to consider hiring a programmer or software development firm to meet your needs.

Instead of making this major investment in software for your tour business, consider this option: TOPAX management system. Created by Formula Travel Solutions, the TOPAX management system is a combination between:

  • A fully controlled operational software: That's essentially a turnkey system that has been tested and proven through many users. The features are preset, and the system offers reliability.
  • A dynamic open system: A system relies on database and user defined tables and parameters, giving you flexibility to create your own features to meet your unique needs.

Formula Travel Solutions created the TOPAX management system as software for tour operators - and many other travel services. Here are some of the travel products that can be packaged by your business:

  • Flights (schedule & charter)
  • Car Rental
  • Bus Services
  • Sightseeing tours
  • All-inclusive package tours
  • Travel Insurance
  • Hotels
  • Transfers
  • Cruises

You can create your own combined package or tours, based on any customized options that you choose. Then, market your packages through TOPAX;

When tour operators create unique travel packages, it's vital to be able to generate prices, evaluate costs and create quotes. Formula Travel Solutions' solution for tour operators will allow you to easily keep multiple price lists, varying according to markets, currencies and customers. You have the flexibility now to offer special deals - both over the Internet and to your local customers.

Software For Tour Operators needs to be flexible enough to calculate costs, which can vary according to the locale's taxes, or the local market's commissions. To make things more efficient, the system will give you the option of using standard service costs as the default.

Sometimes, it's essential to calculate costs for services, using comparative price lists. If a price update needs to be applied to all of the services packages, you can easily do it with TOPAX.

Once you've created these packages, take advantage of FTS' quotation features on the software for tour operators. Create multiple quotations, which you can generate with alternative prices lists. Then, once the clients have accepted the booking, you can easily turn the quote into an active PNR.

With TOPAX - the most flexible Software For Tour Operators , your business can take off - thanks to the FTS technology. 

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