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In the past, the smaller airlines could not afford the massive systems that were used by the major carriers. Not only could they not afford the massive initial financial investment, the cost of upkeep and support was prohibitive.

Formula Travel Solutions created a low cost airline software option for these smaller carriers. AMSYS 2000 has the same kind of sales support, reservations and management system seen in the most modern of hardware and software airline systems. But by using the advanced technology created by our developers, Formula Travel Solutions was able to create low cost airline software on a modular scale.

Some of the features include:

  • AMSYS 2000's DCS - Departure Control module provides automated stand-alone or connected check-in facilities, including advance seating, special request processing, boarding pass and tag printing, filling-up control, gate control, and preparation of data for uplift accounting.
  • Check-in input is based on passenger lists created either by importing IATA format PNLs and ADLs, or from PNRs generated by massy 2000. Various selling classes can be merged into one operational class, while loading PNLs.
  • During the pre-check-in phase, various operations are allowed, such as pre-seating according to special requests, recording special meal requests, and adding passengers manually.
  • The check-in procedure is performed quickly and efficiently: passengers are identified by name, ticket number or security number.
  • Seats are automatically assigned according to pre-determined parameters and passenger requests.
  • Blocking of seats is allowed according to pre-determined parameters and special requests. AMSYS 2000 also handles wait listed and go-show passengers.
  • Boarding passes and baggage tags are printed for checked in passengers.
  • At the end of the check-in procedure, AMSYS 2000 sums up baggage pieces and weight, and calculates the average passenger weight.
  • Gate control is an easy procedure, and it is based on check-in data. The user simply records the boarding pass numbers, which are automatically verified by the system.
  • AMSYS 2000 maintains a complete database for flights and land services inventories, pricing, ticketing, document printing, departure control, accounting, management reporting and information.
  • Flight records contain all the information necessary for making regular or charter flight reservations: operating season, flight schedules, classes, available seats, status, and services available on board. There is no limitation on the quantity of pax in a PNR.
  • AMSYS 2000 provides an integrated solution for the operation and management of the critical airline customer services, covering the whole spectrum - from product development through sales and control, up to operational accounting and management reports. Among many other features, one can find automatic and manual pricing, automatic calculation of different levels of commissions and taxes, generate quotations for requested services on a per person or per group basis, Automatic and manual ticketing, Multi-currency operations, facilities for monitoring billing and payment collection, generation of various voucher control reports, a variety of accounting reports and printouts and more.

Additionally, AMSYS offers real-time technology. You can serve your customers on the phone, while consulting our AMSYS system online. Don't wait for updates, or be forced to call back your customers with new information!

Use AMSYS as an in-house system as a reservations and management system.

AMSYS is the low cost airline software solution that can make the difference in your company's strategic planning for the future. By analyzing the data from a modular system, you can determine how to enhance the high-margin business and reduce costs.

The AMSYS low-cost airline software will grow with your airline's success as well - a key feature for management software! Too often, businesses grow too fast and outpace their current technology. But, they are growing too fast to pause to invest in the installment of a larger, more complicated technological solution. Because AMSYS is built in modular style, the technology allows you to keep up with the growth.

We understand the financial pressures that small carriers face. In the last few years, the combination of higher fuel prices, fare wars and competition from major airlines has been a crushing burden on the industry. In this environment, the only solution is to run as efficiently as possible, using the technology as a planning and management tool. Our AMSYS low-cost airline software is that tool for your firm!


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