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Incoming Tour Operator Software

To run your business efficiently and rapidly, look at the Formula Travel Solutions Incoming Tour Operator Software.

In your business as an incoming tour operator, your choice of technology is vital for managing your operations. You will be handling accommodations, transportation and activities for tourists coming to your area. It requires communicating closely with the large overseas travel agencies, as well as with the multiple vendors, hotels, airlines and tourism businesses.

Coordinating these services will require Incoming Tour Operator Software that meets your need for:

  • Integration: Can it "talk" and transfer data between your vendors and clients? Will you be able to use it on the Internet or your company intranet?
  • Comprehensiveness: What functions will the incoming tour operator software handle in the office - and what will you need to "fill" in the gaps with? Consider every little operation in your office: pricing, estimating costs, booking, accounting.
  • Flexibility: Can you easily customize the software to handle your unique needs?
  • Scalability: As your incoming tour operator business grows, will the technology be able to meet the demands?

The TOPAX Management system answers all of those needs, and more. Of course, every business owner flinches at the thought of the cost and manpower required to install a new incoming tour operator software system. Then, they have to consider how to make the transition as easy as possible for employees, who must be trained on how to use the new technology.

TOPAX Management eases that transition by making the interface as comprehensible as possible. The system uses Windows-type screens, so anyone who is familiar with a PC can quickly learn to maneuver by clicking on the applications. Updating data is easy, and is done in real-time, so any changes will be immediately reflected in your database records.

TOPAX management gives you access to the system anywhere and anytime, so your customers can do instant bookings over the Internet. Update your customers in real-time about price changes, special offers and new products. With the "smart pricing" feature, any changes in prices will automatically be reflected in your packages, quotes and cost lists. With the automatic transaction features, your customers and suppliers can place orders 24 hours a day - with little manpower required from your staff.

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