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Inbound Tour Operator Software

Inbound Tour Operator Software

Choosing the right Inbound Tour Operator Software can be a crucial decision for your business.

At this point in the life cycle of your operations, you've "made do" with off-the-shelf software, or inbound tour operator software that have been cobbled together without much planning or investment. As a result, there is not much coordination or integration between different office functions. For example, many inbound tour operators are handicapped when it comes to doing automated transactions from customers and suppliers. So, the web ordering system is separate from the bookkeeping and reservations systems. Your staff is forced to do double entry work to keep accurate records of your web transactions - not an efficient or accurate way to handle business.

But now, you've decided to bring your office up to speed by investing in the latest in Inbound Tour Operator Software. Formula Travel Solutions has the right solution for you: TOPAX Management. Because our solution can be easily customized for your unique needs, you'll enjoy maximum flexibility with running your operations - without the hassle of constantly "debugging" changes to your system.

TOPAX Management is flexible because of the cutting-edge programming technology used to build the system. Here's a short summary of some of the "building blocks" that enable our inbound tour operator software to provide you with maximum features - at a fair price and minimum of inconvenience and delays.

Access using B2B site only!!!!!

  • Easily add new products & services
  • Create new types of complex packages
  • Enjoy the flexibility to offer new pricing models
  • Personalized commission/discount rates (By using a smart, fully automated Pricing Engine)
  • Rapidly and easily add new distribution channels
  • Web-based / on-line access to the system, 24/7
  • Web-based technologies: Give your customers access to your system via the internet to check availability and prices and make bookings. Our inbound tour operator software enables secure automated transactions - reducing your costs as customers self-serve themselves.

A word of advice when researching for your inbound tour operator system: Do your homework! Create a checklist of what is most important to you. then compare FTS TOPAX Management with any of the other products on the market. We will be happy to demonstrate how our system will take your business to the next level of efficiency and profitability.

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